Say you want to use a new app, but you notice it asks for a gazillion permissions. How cool would it be to be able to run that app in a sandbox where it would run correctly but would have no access to your personal data?

You may want to use WhatsApp but in a virtual environment as it’s a product of facebook after all and they can spy on phone so you may just want to limit it.. You will limit what you’ll put on their server via texts and photos/videos etc. But you can not control when and what that app collects from your phone. Recently if you have noticed even facebook’s messenger app is using crazy amount of data… They are collecting literally 1/2gb of data!

For this there is “Island”: an app for sandboxing your other apps, so to speak. You can clone an installed app, and then run it in the sandbox so it can’t access personal data like call logs, contacts, photos, etc. You can also freeze the app outside the sandbox so that it stops all the target app’s background processes.

With a recent update, Island now has a “God mode” where you can freeze any app without cloning it – and all of this without the need for root access. Common uses of this app include situations like testing permission-hungry apps, using two accounts on the same app in parallel, and archiving rarely used apps so that they don’t even run in the background.

Island leverages Androids “work profiles”.

The app is still in “unreleased” status in Google Play, which means it is still in beta. The app has some wonderful features, but you will find that there may be some unstable elements – as you would expect from an app currently in development.

There are also other options of sandboxing apps:

App Cloner

If you get pro you can clone an app, and revoke permissions from said cloned app and just use it. Cloned apps with permissions removed can’t even request those permissions. Afaik you can even remove the ability for the cloned app to hold a wake lock and drain your battery. You’d have to install the app on question to clone it, but after that you can delete it and maybe redownload it every month to “reclone” it, which updates the cloned app if the original app received an update since the last cloning.

Samsung My Knox is the real deal if your phone supports it.

It creates an isolated environment for apps + contacts + media fully enclosed and protected with a password. You can use it as a work account (E-mail + contacts+ photos + WhatsApp).

Parallel Space