Tyler Barney, 17 yo, found that Apple is deliberately slowing down the old iPhone mobile phones, forcing users to switch to the next model after seeing his iPhone 6 phone go wrong, informs Daily mail.


The young man said that his phone barely run, so he tried his brother’s phone, the same model, but purchased more recently, and noticed that his ran better.

He asked about that at the customer service and he was suggested to change the battery of the phone. He did that and the performance of the phone has improved dramatically. Barney wrote about his experience on Reddit and his post became viral, then Apple had to admit that it is slowing down old models due to cell phone damage.

To fine-tune the situation, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, apologized to the users for this, the company lowered the replacement price with $50, and a new operating system update would allow users see the health of their battery.

However, several customers sued Apple, and the American company’s losses could be billions of dollars.